I’ve always enjoyed photography and after moving to Norfolk just over 6 years ago, the beautiful scenery gave me little option but to pick up a camera and start taking photographs again. my rediscovered passion grew (thanks to encouragement from family, friends and people on social media) and I started to sell my work locally.

Over the last few years, my landscape work has grown in popularity, thanks mainly to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

My work has been used by Nokia, ITV, published in several local magazines and displayed in various locations around Norfolk. My commercial work can be seen on several client websites and social media feeds.

I have a diploma in digital imaging and am looking to gain further qualifications in image manipulation. I’m always keen to try new things and learn new techniques. I enjoy taking landscape shots, working with people and working at events. I’ve recently started as a volunteer house photographer for Islington Assembly Hall in London taking images of performing bands. With music being another huge passion, this is something I enjoy immensely. I’ve also photographed weddings, parties and products for local businesses. Whatever your project or occasion is, i’d love to help!

I consider myself to be creative, experienced, professional, positive, patient, methodical, calm, friendly and always happy to help out. I work well with people of all ages.

If you’d like to find out more about me, please head over to my social media
feeds - twitter id. @jon_clifton78 and facebook page facebook.com/jonclifton78

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